pygmy relocation

The Batwa people of south western Uganda are more famously known as forest pygmies. The Batwa people are nomadic hunter gatherers who are indigenous to the mountains of Uganda, Congo, and Rwanda. In the early 1990′s the Ugandan government took their lands and made it into a national park for gorilla tourism, relocating many pygmy families to government housing just outside of the small border town of Kisoro, Uganda. The Pygmy people lost their homes and their way of life. Now, due to extreme poverty and substance abuse, the Batwa people of Kisoro are left on the margins of society and forced to congregate in a small slum located within the skeleton of the government relocation project. We’re committed to being the hands and feet of Jesus to the Batwa people.



Our aim is to keep an extremely narrow focus in Kisoro as we invest the majority of our energy in just a few, key, families in the Batwa community. We’re working alongside the local church in Kisoro to relocate several families away from the slums to permanent homes that offer the possibility of a self sustainable lifestyle. Fuel Uganda’s currently working alongside 4 families that have been relocated to 2 separate properties. Each property has enough room for the Batwa families to plant their own garden in the rich, volcanic soil. Currently we’re in the process of beginning weekly discipleship and specific trade skills training for the relocated families, with the ultimate goal of creating self sustainable families that own their faith and have a desire to reach their neighbors with the love of Christ. In the end our aim is to see God transform this small community with the Gospel.



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